April 27, 2009

spring shoes

My youngest daughter and I were shopping for clothes for Noah this weekend. Little one's grow so fast, don't they. As we walked through Nordstrom's we spotted the first two pair of shoes. Oh, they looked so cute! We loved them even more when we tried them on. How perfect they would be with a little spring dress.The yellow pair by DKNYC I love for spring too and you can find them here. Speaking of Nordstrom's one of my favorite places to eat is in their cafe. Their food is delicious, healthier then a lot of places and so inexpensive! Their sandwiches come with salad and you can order a half of sandwich and it is even cheaper. Two of my favorite items are the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich and the Cilantro Salad.

Image 1: wedge Image 2: sandal Image 3: flat

1 comment:

  1. Oh i would to have those!! i also like the yellow flats you found!!